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How energy efficient devices save your money

By installing energy efficient measures in your home or conducting maintenance on existing units, Southland not only saves you money in energy bills but also can improve the performance of your energy unit. For example…


Gravity Wall Furnaces — These furnaces are vertical and mount on any inside or outside wall and provide both circulated and radiated heat. Available in either single wall or dual wall models, they provide economy and flexibility of operation and allow individual temperature control in “hard to heat” areas.

Direct Vent Furnaces — These furnaces mount easily on any outside wall and occupies a minimum of space. The sealed combustion chamber draws air for combustion out of doors and exhausts the products of combustion to the outside keeping room air fresh.

Vented Gas Floor Furnaces — These furnaces provide heat through the natural convection of circulating warm air. Its scientific design assures a high volume air exchange (as much as three to five times each hour), guaranteeing uniform temperatures from floor to ceiling.

Evaporative Coolers

Home Coolers — Your best choice for years of cooling comfort, and at an economical trouble free operation. Our home coolers, designed with a deep drawn bottom pan, is constructed of galvanized steel and coated with an attractive appliance type finish. Every component is engineered for reliable performance, so your cooler will last for years with a minimum of maintenance.

Window Coolers — More cool for less energy! Window model evaporative coolers deliver more cubic feet per meter of air for each watt of energy consumed than traditional air conditioners. The reason is because heat is absorbed faster and there is quicker cooling. Our evaporative coolers cost between 15-28% less and cools more efficiently.

Slim Coolers — Fits into places other coolers won’t. Easy to install and maintain, this cooler is ideal for mobile homes, small apartments, patios, greenhouses, garages or anywhere else you have spot cooling needs.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) — These light bulbs can replace both indoor and outdoor halogen lamps, at less energy cost than normal incandescent light bulbs.

Home Weatherization/Rehabilitation

Attic Insulation — Adding insulation to your attic will not only protect your home from heat in the summer months and cold in the winter months, but will lower your heating and cooling costs for your home by requiring less energy to make your home comfortable. All insulation used by Southland is fire rated and chemically treated to repel rodents and unwanted pests.

Door & Window Repair/Replacement — By repairing or replacing dilapidated doors and windows, infiltration from the elements is reduced and lower energy bills result. Instalation of weather stripping or foam insulation can also reduce your cooling and heating costs.

Plumbing — Installation of low flow faucet aerators and low flow shower heads can reduce water usage and lower your water heating costs.

Minor Home Repair

Plumbing — Copper repiping of your entire home water supply is available, thereby saving money in future maintenance costs.

Roofing — Re–roofing of your home is available.

Painting — Exterior painting is available.

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