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Services We Provide
Energy Efficiency

Southland Energy Systems provides insulation and home weatherization to clients with installation of measures designed to reduce energy costs while providing safety, comfort and security to any home. Measures installed include attic insulation, door weather stripping, and replacement of broken and cracked glass.

Lead Hazard Abatement

Southland Energy Systems, certified in lead abatement by the State of California, recognizes the threat of lead poisoning in children living in contaminated homes. The four major methods of lead based paint abatement include removal and/or replacement of lead contaminated components, and encapsulation or enclosure of lead based painted services.

Home Rehabilitation

Southland Energy Systems provides complete home rehabilitation services to best serve single and multi–unit family dwellings. Services include exterior home painting, wall re–surfacing and exterior texturing, installation of devices for elderly and handicapped, plumbing services, replacing interior/exterior doors, windows and screens. In addition, services, to include gutter and roof repairs, weather–stripping doors and windows, cement and asphalt repairs, installation of security devices, fencing repairs, garage door repairs, and stucco repairs.

Plumbing / Heating/ Air Conditioning

Southland Energy Systems has years of experience in contracting with local utility companies and with the State of California in providing plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services to thousands of clients. Installation and/or repair of hot water heaters, wall and forced air furnaces, direct vents, dual pac heating systems and air conditioning, are just a few of the services provided within this division. Southland employees are utility trained and are knowledgeable with all federal, state, and local codes and will assist in applying for permits and certificates of completion.

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